Friday, August 27, 2010

Les Mademoiselles d'Avignon by Picasso

Memories @ the MoMA
On Thursday, I started the day with a quick run around the Jacklyn Onassis reservoir which was just lovely. Then I went to "Absolute Bagels" in my neighborhood for a power brunch of a cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter. The bagels are terrific, but it's a bit of a stressful ordering sitch-you have got to know what you want, spit it out, pay, and get out of the way! I then hopped on the train and headed to the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art.) I have been once, but only to see a quick exhibition. So with the power of a pb bagel within me, I explored the six floors of art. WOW! It was fabulous, and I did it in about 3 hours. I will definitely have to return for a slower look at more of floors 4&5, which house most of the famous pieces in the collection, like the one pictured above.
The MoMA was featuring an exhibit on Matisse when I was there and it was beautiful. I learned that he did a lot of reworking to his pieces. Some of his paintings were scraped down and painted over several times, and the art people only know this because they can look at them through x-rays and see the changes. Very cool I thought!
However, my favorite part of the MoMA was the sculpture garden. It's a tranquil spot filled with sunlight, fountains, and chairs. It's mostly the reason I got a membership there. It's only 10 blocks from work, and I picture many afternoons there in my future, soaking up the sun and some modern art along the way.

a view of the sculpture garden from inside the MoMA

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