Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Famous Phrases

A few weeks ago, a fabulously funny and shockingly accurate video about New Yorkers surfaced and exploded on Facebook. Just go ahead and watch it, so you understand the post. Click here:

I have probably seen this video ten times and find myself laughing each time. I have heard someone say each and everyone of those lines, except "Oooh it's Pat Kiernen," which my boyfriend and I googled. He is a news anchor, but I didn't know him. I only watch the Today Show, I am a very loyal fan. Sans Pat Kiernen, on any given day, one can hear those lines being said over and over on the street. Other personal favorites of mine are:

"This place is huuge!" (The best compliment any NYer can receive about their matchbox size apts)
"I hate this place---ooh I love this place." (Very common feeling, it's a love-hate relationship at times.)
"All I have had to eat today is a bagel." (Wish that was more true of my life. I heart NY bagels. The secret is in the water. If you come visit, the bagel is on me.)
"I read that in the [Times, New Yorker, Time Out]." (Have to be legit about your news source. However, I do read the New York Post everyday. It's a fabulous source for news!)
"I want a dog. Oh, but it wouldn't be fair." (Essentially my trademark phrase. I want a dachshund pup so very badly. However, the fairness factor and the five story walk-up usually squash that dream quickly.)

Enjoy this silly video. It always gives me a good laugh. :)