Thursday, April 28, 2011


As I shut off the last bit of news from Matt Lauer, grab my bag, and head out the door, I am comforted by that one little thing that makes my commute not such drudgery. That's right friends, its my iPod. A precious little piece of technology that I couldn't live without as a New Yorker.
I untangle the headphones as I scram down five flights of janky stairs and plug in. There I find music to inspire me, block out city sounds, and sometimes give me a nice beat to walk too. The train has some very annoying sounds such as kids crying, music from other iPods blasting, and occasional train performers. I am riding the train as I write this and realized I just turned the volume up because I had a whistler in front of me. Just whistling a happy tune for everyone I suppose.
Sometimes I try to think about what the train was like before iPods. Were people talking to each other? Were they listening to tape players, or discmans? What was going on!?
I call it the iPit sometimes because of the amount of money I sink into that thing. I think nothing of buying the latest song or new Glee hit. It feel like I am using monopoly money. I have purchased about 160 songs since I moved here in August! Let's not add the cost up, please.
My most favorite thing about my iPod and the time I spend listening to it is that occasionally I have the perfect song on, I am walking down the street or through the subway, and I feel this sort of movie soundtrack sensation. It's like everything around me is passing by but I am standing still, listening to my song, and the world is perfect. Sounds crazy and cheezy, but that's ok. I love designing that soundtrack everyday, no matter the cost. Go for a walk somewhere lovely and put on "What a Wonderful World." See what happens!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Ode to Spring

It’s April 19th and I am headed home to Texas, where it’s 88 degrees. It hasn’t been that hot in New York since August. It seems all things “spring” come later in the Empire State. I am on spring break in April, and I am just beginning to see signs of spring this month. I would be sporting flip-flops and shorts by this time in Texas. Heck, I haven’t even had a pedicure yet. What is the world coming too?

I am not all sorrows about this late change in seasons, as I have loved watching the city bloom the last couple weeks. Although the temperatures don’t feel it at times, the days have warmed. I don’t pile on layers or pull on heavy snow boots any more. I don’t wear my knit cap and gloves to go running on the weekend, and I don’t wonder if tomorrow will be a snow day. NYC is thawing out.

I took several walks through Riverside Park this past week and saw the beauty of spring revealed. The trees are blooming in bright yellows and lovely creams. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a pink cherry blossom tree standing there brilliantly. There are orange and yellow daffodils’ showing their cheerful faces to whomever passes. Squirrels are hopping about all over. I felt like I had landed right in the middle of “Snow White.” I was bracing myself for some little blue bird to come sit on my shoulder so we could sing a tune.

The park was absolutely gorgeous, as are the people. Commuters are shedding their heavy down coats and exchanging them for smart khaki trench coats. (a must have) I notice more smiles as people sport chic flats in all the colors of the rainbow. I have even seen some brave souls wear sundresses.

Spring is coming and I couldn’t be happier! Lots of fun to look forward too: picnics in the park, days at the beach, eating brunch outside in the sun, good times on Carly’s roof, and of course, rompers. I’ll enjoy those summer temps this week though, it couldn’t hurt. I’ll be back in the trench coat next week! Happy Easter blog friends!