Monday, June 11, 2012

Just Run

Yesterday I was doing the loop in Central Park and was shocked at what amazing runners I saw there! The loop is funny because most people you see on one side, you see again when they loop. It's great people watching, epic really. On the run yesterday, I saw 3 things that amazed me! First, I saw a blind man working out with a cane. He was in the running lane even! Next, I saw a three legged dog running with his master. He looked like a champ! Finally, a man with one arm ran by in his running group. It made me stop and think about my internal whining and wanting to stop and walk. How could I when the three legged dog was kicking my tail? How inspiring these runners are to us everyday ones!

I wanted to share this quote too. It makes you realize just how important and nonjudgmental it is to tie up those laces and just...

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