Sunday, June 9, 2013

Saying Goodbye

How do you say goodbye to NYC? How do you say adios to such lovely people that have impacted your life like a giant wave for the last few years? How do say so long to a city that has changed your life for the better?

I leave for Boise in less than a month and the sentimental, bittersweet feeling is taking over in a big way this week. I am beginning to have those last hangouts with friends, buying everything at Fishs Eddy, and thinking about packing up my belongings. (Mostly thinking about it, not doing at this point!)

Pat returns in a couple weeks and I have many fun things planned for these final days living in NYC. The Astoria beer garden, a Met's game, my mom and I are seeing "Lucky Guy" on Broadway, going on our favorite food tour, and seeing the Astoria Park fireworks.
My first friend in New York, Carly, was over for dinner this week and we were reminiscing about living in NYU dorms during the first summer I spent here. We talked about how much we had changed since then. She is living in this stunning apt in TriBeCa with a view of the Brooklyn bridge, and I am moving to Boise with my love. It's rare you find a friend who sees you through an entire chrysalis in life. I am very grateful for her perspective.

NYC was the love of my life for a good while. I talked about it constantly, spent time in it's neighborhoods, and dropped everything to be with it in 2010. And like any great relationship, it's hard to let go and move on. I am so thankful for all it has taught me, the experiences it has given me, and the people it has filled my life with.

I know the next few weeks will be filled with some lovely moments as I say goodbye to a wonderful three years and look forward to a new chapter in Boise!