Thursday, April 28, 2011


As I shut off the last bit of news from Matt Lauer, grab my bag, and head out the door, I am comforted by that one little thing that makes my commute not such drudgery. That's right friends, its my iPod. A precious little piece of technology that I couldn't live without as a New Yorker.
I untangle the headphones as I scram down five flights of janky stairs and plug in. There I find music to inspire me, block out city sounds, and sometimes give me a nice beat to walk too. The train has some very annoying sounds such as kids crying, music from other iPods blasting, and occasional train performers. I am riding the train as I write this and realized I just turned the volume up because I had a whistler in front of me. Just whistling a happy tune for everyone I suppose.
Sometimes I try to think about what the train was like before iPods. Were people talking to each other? Were they listening to tape players, or discmans? What was going on!?
I call it the iPit sometimes because of the amount of money I sink into that thing. I think nothing of buying the latest song or new Glee hit. It feel like I am using monopoly money. I have purchased about 160 songs since I moved here in August! Let's not add the cost up, please.
My most favorite thing about my iPod and the time I spend listening to it is that occasionally I have the perfect song on, I am walking down the street or through the subway, and I feel this sort of movie soundtrack sensation. It's like everything around me is passing by but I am standing still, listening to my song, and the world is perfect. Sounds crazy and cheezy, but that's ok. I love designing that soundtrack everyday, no matter the cost. Go for a walk somewhere lovely and put on "What a Wonderful World." See what happens!

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