Sunday, May 15, 2011

Food Hopping

The church I belong too, Apostles, encourages us to join community groups. So I have been attending an UWS group since around August. I have met the sweetest group of people, I love them! We meet once a week to discuss the sermon and share our lives with each other.

So, in honor of the temps reaching a blistering 70 degrees, we had been planning a progressive dinner, NYC style. It was amazing to say the least! Here is how it went down:

Our group started @ 107th street on my best friend, Carly's rooftop. We sipped on Carly's homemade Sangria and Moscow Mules as we watched the sun go down over the Hudson. Then, we hopped over to Susan's house on 88th for appetizers. My favorite was the ricotta bruscetta (Barefoot Contessa-love her). Then it was time for dinner and a quick jaunt down to 76th to Claire's house. God bless Claire, she set up her table for 18 people! Pretty sure she is now the master hostess of the world! We feasted on pasta, rosemary chicken, salad, tabouleh, and bread from Balthazar. It was divine! Finally, we headed for dessert at Jason's house a quick 3 blocks away. There we found Leticia's carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, chocolate cake, ice cream, and a champagne toast to end the evening!

I haven't done a progressive dinner since my senior year of high school at prom, but it was long overdue! Plan one with your friends, it's totally worth the scheming!

Friends, food, NYC-what else could a girl need?!

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