Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bean Town

What a great weekend I spent in Boston! Jay Coffey from old cross-country/middle school/ high school days lives there, and so I went up for a visit. Here are some of the highlights: Red Sox game, beach time, running through a beautiful nature preserve, and "The Friendly Toast." We went to the Sox game on Friday, and it was one of my favorite games EVER. They lost to Toronto, 16-2. We arrived at the end of the 1st inning, and the score was 5-0. What happened? However, these fans are not your usual cats. They booed their players! I thought they were going to start cheering for Toronto! The sarcasm in the stands was amazing. Some of my favorite phrases were: "Oh typical...." and "Don't swing, we wouldn't want you to tire yourself out" and "2 down, 13 to go." My always dry personality soaked it up! Great game, beautiful park, favorite fans.
The beach was also lovely. We packed beer, jalapeno chips, and gummy bears, essential for beach fun. I have never seen seagulls that big either. Huge-like small dogs! Sunday, after a refreshing rainy run, we went to "The Friendly Toast." We waited an hour but it was totally worth it. They made their own bread and I had drunken french toast with a raspberry & Grand Marnier syrup. Also, I had this lovely cocktail called the Lifeboat. It had blueberry infused vodka, champagne, and grape Fanta! A great end to a fabulous trip to Btown!

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  1. It even looks like they put blueberries on top!! Yummy! Sounds like you are having a great time...I am jealous!