Sunday, August 8, 2010

Adventures in the UHaul

On August 1st, my brother Ben and I departed to the Big Apple. It was a wonderful trip filled with lots of laughs. Ben is one of the quickest people I know, and he had a comment for everything. I laughed the whole way here! We named our UHaul the "Red October." It had a submarine on the side, and we were usually in the red zone on the gas efficiency gage.
We arrived on Tuesday and shot out of the Lincoln Tunnel around noon. Let me preface that Ben has never been to NYC, and now I have lead him into Times Square in a 17 foot UHaul. We were both a little speechless. However, we navigated that thing up the West Side Highway to my place, double parked that puppy, and met the movers. After 3 hours, all of my belongings had traveled up 5 flights of stairs, through the 33 inch wide hallway, and into my apt.
We spent the next day hanging heavy things, putting together furniture, and oh moving a bed 50 blocks. Yes, my box springs didn't fit up the stairwell, so I had to buy a bed quick. I turned to my new found friend, "Craigslist," and found a bed 5 blocks away. It's an Ikea bed, so we took that thing apart and walked it 10 blocks x 5 trips. Not so fun at the time, but definitely made for some good stories.
After an exhausting few days, we met my friend Carly for dinner in Union Square. As we walked up the street, we heard sirens. Sirens are as normal as birds chirping in NYC, so I didn't think anything of it. Carly comes up to us traumatized because she has just heard a women jump out her window. She said it sounded like a gunshot, and turned to see a man jump away from the lady that almost landed on him. Then she saw an EMT put a body part into a bag. Yikes. I turned to Ben and said, "Welcome to New York."


  1. Oh I am so glad you started this blog...now I can follow you around NYC! Feel free to check up on us and Jackson! www.babythameronboard.blogspot.com

  2. Holy crap! That is CRAZY! I look forward to reading more about NYC crazy antics.

  3. Oh my goodness. Katie, sounds like it should be straight out of a TV show. I can't wait to hear more about your adventure. You have definitly intrigued me.

  4. Crazy! I'm so glad you are doing a blog!

  5. Katie! I was a little teary eyed as I read this! I have to say I am more then a little bit jealous of this awesome new life you are entering! You deserve every last second of it and I am sooo proud of you friend! xo!

  6. This is great Katie! Your blog...uh, not the woman jumping out of her window. Can't wait to hear more stories!!