Monday, September 6, 2010

Bonjour Frenchies

After a glorious month of relaxation and exploration, I rejoined the working world this past week. I am working at Lyceum Kennedy, a French American School. The children are educated in a bilingual program where they receive 60% of their instruction in French and 40% in English. I am teaching first grade English and also working with small groups of kids in grades 1-5 that need extra help. The school is quite diverse and has lots of different countries represented. I even have kids that speak three and four languages. They are six, I feel dumb.
So, last Tuesday, I put on my hopefully fashionable enough for the french outfit, and set out on the daily commute. When I walked out of Grand Central, where I had been previously picking up the 20 odd kid's books that exploded out of my backpack, I saw a sign of hope. Yes friends, it was the Chrysler Building. It was just shining in the morning sun, my favorite NYC symbol. I knew then that this was going to be a great school for me!
I will cut the romanticism, but I did in fact have a great first week! The staff are very friendly and positive and FRENCH. They have the most beautiful accents and I just like to sit and listen to them. This usually happens at lunch when they are picking at small salads and fruits, and I am downing a Pb&j with baked Cheetos, but it's all good.
I met most of my kiddos on Friday at Open House and look forward to a great first day of school with them tomorrow. They are precious. I adore children that speak other languages. They say, "Bonjour Miss Thamer." I love it!!

Side note: I do not speak french. However, a frog on YouTube taught me the alphabet over the weekend, and I am well on my way to becoming at least a little bit French!


  1. LOVE this post.... makes me want to up and move to New York tomorrow! So presh that the kids speak french too!:)

  2. Love your post...
    Well, I hope we won't drive you too nut with our accent and "Frenchness"... At some point during the year, you might realize that it can be annoying...
    I am very happy to work with you.


  3. Sounds like the perfect place for you!!! Missed you at school the past few weeks. Enjoy your new class!

  4. I love this!!! And can't wait to hear your alphabet tomorrow!
    Looking forward to an AWESOME year!!


  5. Awwww sweet Katie so glad it's going well!! Bonjourrrr!!!!!!!!! I would feel dumb too. My spanish is slowly slipping away and when I try to talk to my kiddos, they give me weird looks. sigh. Good luck!!! love you!!