Sunday, September 12, 2010

the culprit

Holy Catfish!

Living in NYC isn't all glitz and glamor 24/7 kiddos. You get to deal with some special things, like this little friend that Carly and I met in her apartment recently. I want to stress it was in her apartment, not mine, although it can happen anywhere. (no worries Rooms) You may not be able to tell but this is a giant hissing cockroach. It came running out of the hallway, hissing at us violently, with it's big black antennas searching for something or someone to devour.
I have heard tell of these monsters but never seen one up close and personal. They are HUGE and fast! So Rooms and I were jumping around and trying to find some sort of weapon to defeat that little bugger. We finally decided to trap it under a glass, but not before it had crawled up the wall, under the couch, and over Carly's bag, in which she responded with "it has no right to violate my bag like that." The things that come out of her mouth when we are under attack are so classic. (see rat story below if you're lost)
After that little beast circled the cup about 500 times and tried tricking us by playing dead, Emily came home and bravely threw it over the balcony. I am convinced I heard it hissing all the way down. Sick. It's probably still out there, somewhere, but I hope it gets eaten by a rat. Then Carly and I will have come full circle.

We put that coffee cup on just in case, he was a big cockroach!

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