Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Power of the Phone Camera

I have a problem. I own a great little blue cannon digital camera, but I won't use it. I don't know what it is? I do not/won't look like a tourist in a city that hosts many of them. I am a New York fledgling, I can't be carrying around a camera. Think what that could do to my image? :)
So, when I come in contact with something I feel is "blog worthy," I capture it on my phone camera. Not the same quality, but does save me from the dreaded tourist title. Here is a menagerie of photos I have taken over the last few weeks that I want to share.

Here I am inside St. John the Divine. This is the LARGEST cathedral in the WORLD! The naive stretches 3 football fields long and that pic above is the largest rose window in the world. I have been to Europe and seen some amazing cathedrals, but this one takes the cake for size. It's a monster!

This is a sign that seems a bit of an inconvenience, if you are dumb enough to own a car in Manhattan. However, if you are just a normal dweller in such neighborhood, it's a piece of exciting news. Every time they block the street off to film a movie or TV show, they have to say what they are filming. This was for "Premium Rush" that stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a bike messenger in NYC. After they had filmed about 3 weekends in a row in my neighborhood, I saw him! Very cute in person and as a biker!

"Will you marry me?" written in the sky on the Upper East Side one sunny Sunday.

Fall is coming! I wanted all of the yummy treats at Dylan's Candy Bar on Lexington. Fun Fact: Dylan's is owned by Ralph Lauren's daughter, Dylan. Wouldn't it be fun to be a candy heiress?

First day of School flowers from Mama and Papa Thames! They are so sweet!!

Last weekend, I went on a Women's Retreat with a church I have been attending called Apostles Church. It's an amazing place in the city that provides such a great community of people that want to serve big G and this city. I have been very blessed by it. What do donuts have to do with it? Well, the highlight of the retreat for me was the "make your own donuts" night. This is my creation and it was a sweet ending to a great retreat where I met some fabulous new friends!

Thanks for taking this picture tour with me. It may occur from time to time on the blog. And if you come visit, don't worry, I will let you use your camera.

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  1. Rooms, I love these pictures! And I love this blog! I am so happy we can share this NYC experience together :) GP for the L!