Friday, December 3, 2010

Straight No Chaser

Christmas is starting to heat up in the city. The tree is lit, lights are up, menoras are lit as of yesterday, and the Rockette's are doing the kick line. I am very excited to experience all of these things in the coming few days. I have 15 days left in the city and only 2 nights free from Christmas cheer. My friends from Texas are coming this weekend, then my mom and her twin are hitting the town next weekend, and then its home to the Lone Star State for me.

I had a great kickoff to the holidays this week at The Beacon Theatre seeing "Straight No Chaser" with my friend Claire. They are an acapella group of 10 guys from Indiana University. Their sound is so incredible! I think anytime you can imitate instruments with voices, it is just shocking. Plus, they were just funny guys. They were silly, had great "dance moves," and sang some awesome mash ups. I haven't screamed at a concert like that in a long while! It was a great time and a beautiful venue.

I hope you'll get to experience them both someday!

Here is their website. http://www.sncmusic.com/ Check out some Christmas tunes. I really like the Grinch song and their "12 Days of Christmas."

Hope the month of December is going well for all of you. Remember to take time to stop and enjoy it, get enough rest, and don't forget to hydrate. :)

Joeyeux Noel!!
the ceiling @ the Beacon

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