Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Twins Take Manhattan!

My Mom and Aunt Lisa arrived last weekend for a fun filled adventure in NYC. We had the itinerary down to the second and those gals came rested and raring to go. As I headed off to school on Friday, the girls dragged themselves out of bed after a 1:30 am arrival and headed to the Today Show! (the Afflerbach women's fav morning show) They took a bus tour and came up to my school to meet the French munchkies. From there we headed to Grand Central, Bryant Park, and the Top of the Rock. It was snowing little flakes that night, perfect!
We started with a pot of tea on Saturday at Alice's Tea Cup and then hopped down to Chelsea Market and Soho for shopping. "Promises, Promises" entertained us that evening with Sean Hays and Kristen Chenoweth. Sean stole the show, and if you were a "Will & Grace" fan, it was classic.
We awoke Sunday to rain and Absolute Bagels. Then we went down to Radio City Music Hall to see those famous Rockettes. They were incredible, and we had some excellent commentary from the 3 year olds behind us. Pretty much got Santa's location play by play from those kiddos. The afternoon was spent in Times Square and more shopping in Union Square, and we ate at Prime House for dinner. We dined on luscious steaks, crispy beer battered onion rings, brussel sprouts with apples and bacon, chocolate souffle and banana fosters and then waddled home.
A few family favorite memories were my Aunt Lisa getting slammed by a blind man's cane (he was moving very fast), me having a small meltdown in the masses @ 34th street, and my mom carrying her 53 lb pound bag up the 5 flights of stairs to my apt. Lots of laughter and a great weekend! I am so blessed by these two crazy sisters!

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