Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

Ever since I was negative three years old, my mom and her friend Kathy Vegh have frosted sugar cookies at Christmas. Add it up folks, that’s 28 years! Twenty-eight years of rolling out the dough, making frosting, shaking sprinkles, and adding red hot buttons.

The tradition goes like this: Kathy comes over around four and we mix the frosting, eat snacks, and drink margaritas. I am known as the super froster, speedy but not very attentive to detail. Kathy’s cookies are perfect, always cute and sprinkled to a T. My mom’s are in the middle but she is also the shuttler. She takes the frosted cookies to the trays to dry. Then around 7, Kathy’s husband, Attila, comes over for lasagna dinner. We eat, catch up, and then drink tea and have more cookies. By the time it’s over, you are sugared up for life.

The cookies are made with sour cream which makes them fluffy and gives them a bit of an edge. The frosting is butter, milk, and powdered sugar. My mom has this theory, that as time goes on, the butter in the frosting soaks down into the cookie making them all the more delicious.

As she took a bite Sunday night, she said, “We wouldn’t appreciate these if we had them everyday, right?” I am not sure about that, but I am always glad to see them sitting on a dainty plate during the holiday season. They are so accessible that way. :)

It wouldn't feel like Christmas without this beloved tradition. I hope you’re enjoying your own family’s traditions this holiday season!

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