Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Food Celeb!

I met a food legend this week. You all know and love her, or you should at least. She lives in the Hamptons, uses only the best vanilla, and makes some of the best apple pie in the world. Yes, its Ina Garten or the "Barefoot Contessa."

I have loved Ina since I was 16. I bought her first book my junior year of high school and spent a summer cooking lots of her dishes. I have had lots of favs but the apple pie sticks with me. It's a double crusted, apple filled, hints of orange and lemon, sweet but tart, impressive pie. I made it on several 4th of July holidays.

So, my friend Nick, text me last week and told me she was signing her new book @ Crate and Barrel on Monday. I had to go-life goal! We went in, purchased our books, and waited with baited breath. As the line snaked through the massive Madison Avenue store, Nick and I became more and more nervous. You have to understand that Ina has had big influences in my life. I have her to thank for my love of All Clad, Madagascar vanilla, my periwinkle blue Kitchenaid mixer, and Rugela cookies @ Christmas. I have spent hours gazing at her beautiful cookbooks filled with glossy pictures.

As I stepped up to the table, my heart was pounding. She reached for my book, and here is what came out of my always calm under pressure mouth, "I have loved you for 10 years and you are my most favorite!" Yep. Way to keep your cool Katie. She smiled and half laughed, and although I was a bit embarrassed, I wad glad I told her that!

Great experience, awesome friend to experience it with, and favorite food celebrity met and appreciated. Just another bonus of living in this marvelous city!

getting my book signed!

Nick getting Ina face time. Love her!!


  1. super cool katie!! So glad you are getting so many opportunities in NYC!

  2. I was just telling Allen last night (while we were watching home alone 2!) that I love living vicariously through you now that you live in NYC! I just think it so cool and brave for you to move out there and make it on your own! Allen was asking if you and I talk or anything on facebook and I said that we have our blogs and comment on each other and just having that makes me feel closer to you and know you better! Plus I wanted to make a request for some pics of you skating in rockefeller center!! Lets see you on the ice with the big tree in the background!! oh and maybe one of the Plaza too! (can you tell I love home alone 2?)