Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I traveled to Brooklyn this weekend with my cousin, Sarah and her husband, Eric, and everyone's friend, Megan. I don't go to Brooklyn much, it's kind of intimidating with all those hipsters running around. I feel I need a trip to Urban Outfitters to even step foot off the train. However, a legendary food fair was calling my name. I had to go.
A friend at church told me about Smorgasburg. It's a large food hotspot for local Brooklyn restaurants, food carts, and food producers. They had everything from hamburgers to kimchi hotdogs to English toffee. There are loads of samples of foods to buy and hot foods to taste. It was fairly inexpensive too! Here is what I tried:
-A gordita (corn fried roll stuffed with barbacoa, radishes, hot sauce, cabbage, and cream)
-A few bites of a homemade pretzel
-A few bites of a giant ice cream sandwich with salted caramel ice cream between 2 delicious sugar cookies
-A bite of a s'more with homemade mallows and graham crackers
-2 waters (healthiest choice)
-1 mini cheesecake bite topped with strawberry balsamic jam
To say I was in heaven is a vast understatement. Also, to top that off, Smorgasburg sits on the edge of the East river with a terrific view of Manhattan. If you are free on a Saturday in NYC, please take a trip. You and your taste buds won't be sorry!

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