Friday, May 18, 2012

my new bike
Gabrielle Hamilton

Four Days of Fun!

     I have been having quite a treat of a week here in NYC! It started last Saturday with a trip to the Broadway show, Book of Mormon. I had pretty much given up on seeing this play because the tickets are outrageous. Somehow the box office lady took pity on me and sold me 2 of the $69 tickets that had limited leg room. Sure, Pat and I were a little scrunched but we still got to see it. The play is as good as people say. Very funny, extremely clever, incredibly irreverent, and all around wonderful. We laughed the whole time! 
     On Sunday, I got to pick out a new bike for my birthday! Pat gave me it for my birthday! It is a beautiful pearl cruiser complete with basket, bell, and bottle holder. I am in heaven and look forward to biking around with Pat! 
     My birthday was Monday and those are always fabulous when you spend your days with 6 year old munchkies. I had an adult celebration that night complete with a tequila shot birthday cake and great friends. So blessed!
     The four days of fun culminated on Tuesday. In the afternoon, I got to see one of my favorite writers and chefs, Gabrielle Hamilton. She wrote this fabulous memoir called, "Blood, Bones, & Butter," and she owns a wonderful restaurant on the Lower East Side called Prune. Tuesday night, I took a trip to Le Bernadine to celebrate Claire's graduation from Columbia! If you aren't familiar with this food mecca, it's one of NY's most famous French seafood restaurants. Some of the beautiful food shots are included because I am a food dork. It was an incredible meal! I am do thankful to Claire's parents for treating me to a place I would never be able to eat at on my teacher's salary. 
     I knew my four days were up when I was snapped back into reality on Wednesday morning while sitting in jury duty. Brought me right back down! So grateful for all the experiences I had this week. 


red snapper with smoked paprika & chorizo sauce

Pat :)

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