Sunday, May 20, 2012

How to Execute a Perfect Beach Day

How to Execute a Perfect Beach Day

 Since moving to NYC, I have discovered the joy of going to the beach. Amarillo has crappy beaches. I didn't even realize the true beach culture I was missing out on.
 This weekend all the stars aligned for an 80 degree day and a rugby game at Rockaway. So, after an hour and a half on the subway/bus, we arrived at my favorite beach, Fort Tildon! Pat reffed, I laid in the sun and felt the cool breeze of the ocean, both of us doing our favorite things.
For me, there are several key beach necessities to complete the experience. And by that I mean mostly snacks.
-hummus with blue corn chips
-watermelon or grapes
-gummy bears
-audible book, it's hard to read lying down
-sheet to spread out
-towel, sunscreen, blah blah
You can't fail with this list! All clutch, ESP the gummies.
What do you like to bring to the beach?

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