Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sounds of the City

After eight months in the city, I have become pretty immune to the sounds of New York City. Well, most of them anyway. I don't think I will ever get used to the screech of a subway car, that is just jarring to all. Here are some noises I hear day to day in my apartment, on the subway, and in the streets.

-garbage trucks
-ambulance sirens (I don't even think they help in ny traffic.)
-delivery trucks (I think they may outnumber inhabitants on this island.)
-bike chains jingling as the Dominoes delivery guys lock up their bikes
-steam hissing through the heating poles and radiators in my apartment (My friend Claire thinks they sound like crickets.)
-iPods blasting on the train (Can you say hearing loss?)
-dogs barking
-subways screeching to a hault
-my tiny neighbor next door who does laps up and down the apartment at all hours, I think he's a future marathoner
-pipes whining as the hot water slowly creeps up to the 5th floor

So how does one survive the chaos of this clamor? I don't really have an answer to that, but I do however have a little round machine that makes it much easier to sleep. He is pictured below in all his glory, perched atop the chair. I turn him on and sink into dreaming bliss. I missed him when I was home in Texas over Christmas, it was almost too quiet. Thank you white noise machine for your soft whooshing sound that reminds me I too can find peace in this boisterous city.

my bff

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