Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Busy Season

Since moving to New York, I have heard talk of the "busy season." It's a term that refers to the tax season for all my friends in that field, and it's a period of 3 months where your life is taken OVER with work. My friend Jason works at PWC, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and for the last few months has been getting home at like 10-11 pm and working weekends! Its craziness! Apparently, the coping method is that when you get done, life slows way down and returns to normal. It's a short term hell with a light at the end of the tunnel.
Well friends, I think that I too have entered a "busy season" in life. Things have been crazy with spring break visitors and friends in the city. Every time I try to schedule a day with no activity, I end up somewhere out in this big city. People that know me well know that I must have time on my own. I have to take time to recharge and reflect on life. However, I find those nights comes less and less now that I live in New York. I spoke to some friends about it this evening and they said they think it's a combination of things but mostly the city's fault. In New York, there is always something going on and people out doing it. Maybe they're out for coffee, having dinner, seeing a show, visiting a museum, shopping, running in the park, anything-it never stops. It sort of becomes your "new normal." It can be a blessing and a curse.
Also, this week I started a masters degree in school counseling at Liberty University. The school is in Virginia and it's an online program where I will actually go to the University for a couple weeks in the summer for intensive courses. I am excited about it, but it will definitely take some time out of an already busy schedule for the next 8 weeks.
I realize, it's all relative. Wherever we are in our lives, whether we are in college, raising kids, starting a new job, just married, having grandkids, or somewhere in between, things can get hectic. I pray I can use the time I have between all the "to dos" in life to invest in people and this city. I will try to remember to take a breath because everybody's life gets crazy sometimes. But doesn't that just make your resting time that much sweeter?

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  1. You know I am VERY excited about your pursuing counseling! LOVE YOU KT!!