Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A girl should be two things: classic and fabulous.
-Coco Chanel

Channeling Coco

A couple months ago, I watched the french film "Coco Before Chanel," the story of the woman behind the world wide brand. She had quite an interesting life and I was inspired by her determination and gumption. There was also a brilliant love story in her life, that I of course swooned over. It's a great film that stars Audrey Tautou, you should check it out, she is lovely.

There is a little second grader at my school who has sort of reminded me of Coco since I saw the movie. She has the same big dark eyes, long black hair, and inquisitive nature. Interestingly enough, this sweet girl would like to design clothes when she grows up.

So, the other day I was walking down Third Ave to "California Pizza Kitchen" with the 2nd grade on their field trip. (CPK does field trips where the kids go to the restaurant, learn how a kitchen/restaurant runs, and make their own pizza.) As we were walking, I noticed that this little fashion designer to-be was carrying a zip lock bag with a sandwich inside. So I said, "Friend, are you not eating pizza today?" She replied in a simple voice, "Ms. Thamer, I just want to wear Italian, not eat it."


Then I had another summoning from Coco Chanel when I was practicing spelling words with a fourth grader last week. The words was none other than, channel. It was the only word she missed, but was quick to tell me that she just gets it confused with the brand. Did I know about Chanel when I was ten? Um no.

What do all these Chanel occurrences mean? What could Coco be trying to tell me? That I should buy a quilted handbag? I'd be ok with that!

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