Tuesday, September 25, 2012

R.I.P. iPhone

Well I did it. I made it into a NYPD car! Wish it had been under better circumstances, but at least there were no handcuffs involved.
My iPhone and I parted ways on Saturday night on the N train. I was sitting by the door, a big "no no" I am told, and this little hooligan just snatched it right out of my hand. By the time I realized what was happening, I was flying down the stairs after him and chasing him down the street. About that time, my little brain said, "Katie, what are you doing?" You won't catch him and if you do...then what? I think I even shouted some harsh phrase like, "Hey, give that back!" I am a pretty intimidating Texan, but even I have limits.
   After the defeat set in, I toddled back to the 36th street station and informed the poor MTA attendant of my sad story. He called the police, I watched many sketchy folk enter and exit the subway station, and then I drove around with the police for half an hour searching for my perpetrator. Shockingly, it was raining and we never found him, and the police sent me home with some subway safety tips. I continually apologized to them for taking up their valuable time looking for a phone. I felt so silly!
There has been a 40% increase in crime surrounding Apple products on the subway in NYC lately. There was even a news story about it on Sunday. Almost famous. I am thankful that the kid just ran off with it, and that was all that happened. I have Pat's 3G until January when I can get an upgrade and not pay one-million dollars. Be careful out there friends! It's a dangerous place for an Apple.

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  1. That guy really makes me MAD!

    Love your iphone coffin though :)