Wednesday, September 19, 2012

All About Astoria

After a full two months in my new borough, I am feeling quite well aquatinted with Astoria. I am not an expert yet, but I have definitely gotten a handle on the local vibe.

I was a bit nervous to leave my comfortable spot in Manhattan. However I very much like Astoria. It's quieter, filled with just the right proportion of families and hipsters, and has a lot of character. Groceries are less expensive, there is no sight or sound of rats, and less waiting in line for a table on a Friday night. Pat and I have some sweet friends here, and I am starting to feel like I am part of this new community.

Some of my favorite things are the Fresh Start Market where I pick up my CSA veggies each week, the train being above ground so I can see the world instead of feeling like a mole, the view from Astoria park (pictured above), and all the new food spots to try out. The ever present gaggle of Greek grandpas is also a highlight. They are everywhere. They're on benches and sitting outside shops in chairs just watching the world go by. One can't help but adore them!
I am sure I will have much more to report on this cute new borough in the future! Stay tuned...

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