Friday, January 6, 2012

Nope, this does not stand for my beloved peanut butter this time, but a new bakery that I learned about called Paris-Baguette. One of my first grader's parents used to work as a specialty food buyer for Williams Sonoma in France, AKA my dream job. Anyway, she told me about this great little bakery in Koreatown. So, I speed walked over there on my lunch break today and fell in love.
Beautiful cases of crossaints, fruit tarts, sugar doughnuts, cream filled breads, pain au chocolate, and decadent cakes smiled up at me as I walked through the narrow store. When you arrive, you get a beautiful wooden tray with wax paper and your very own tongs with which to reach in and pluck out your desires. I had the best feuilletee chocolate, a twisted chocolate croissant, in the world. It was crunchy, yet soft, buttery, but not greasy, and best of all sweet, and a touch salty. Pretty much my ideal food. I also bought some baguetes for a dinner party tonight and a white bread called, Milk Bread. The name alone says enough for me there.
It was just a lovely afternoon experience. If you are ever in the city, please visit! Ít's a thing of beauty. On 32nd Street between 5th Ave & Broadway!
In other news, I had a wonderful Christmas and took a cruise to the Carribean with my family! We made lots of memories and I may blog about it soon. I just felt inspired by this spot today! Happy New Year! Hoping to tell you about many New York treasures in 2012!

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