Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Feel Like A Vampire

Maybe they ought to switch Halloween to December up here in the Northeast because it seems to be a ripe time for vampires. When I wake up, there is a smidgen of light peeking through my building windows. Off I trot to school in the light, but as a leave school, even at 3:45, the sun is setting. At 4:15, it's completely dark. Not dusky friends, pitch dark. Should I eat dinner or have an after school snack?
It's craziness this 9 hours of sunlight I am seeing each day! I never quite feel like the sun is out shining brightly either. It's always in-between rising and setting. During this point in the year, I never know whether to set up a coffin or a Christmas tree!?
Looking forward to warmer, sunnier days when I am cruising with my family over Christmas break in the Caribbean. I will tell the sun then how much I appreciate it's warmth, light, and cheery face each day! Until then, it's viles of blood and classic black capes for me.

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