Monday, January 30, 2012

The In-betweens

One of my favorite parts of New York is the in-between times. When I am going to meet a friend for dinner, seeing a show, or wasting time until the rest of the world gets off work, I am a brat because I usually get out at 3:45 J, these are the in-between times. During these times, I like to explore my favorite haunts or see a new neighborhood. Last week I just walked through the shops at Grand Central for a good hour. I visited Papyrus, my favorite bookstore, the beautiful food market there, sampled an olive at Murray’s Cheese, treated myself to a raspberry macaroon at Financier, took a gander at the new Apple store, and then hopped on the subway. Another day I went to a movie in a new part of Astoria, and stumbled upon a Panera, which just sent my little suburban heart soaring. Sometimes I will float into the Loft or walk through Bryant Park (not lately however, brrr). These little blips of free time are not always common but always appreciated. Life can be busy and I know that they are a rarity and a luxury. I am thankful for these times and this vast city to waste them in.

“The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.” –Richard Bach

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