Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh Martha!

Everyday this weekend, I woke up around 4:10 AM. Just woke up, mind started racing, and I couldn't go back to sleep. Then today, it dawned on me, I was just excited. Excited that it was the weekend and that I had fun things planned for the day. And what a great MLK weekend it was! I slept in, ran on the river and in the park full of snow, had brunch with friends, had a taco night and played games, saw "The King's Speech, went to church, AND got to see the Martha Stuart Show tape this morning!

We waited outside "on line" (northeastern term) in the quite brisk morning air and were directed inside the studio by some very Martha-like interns, dressed in burberry scarves. When we had checked our coats and gotten settled, the audience director, Joey Cola, came out to pump us up! He is such a neat guy, I bet you have seen him if you watch the show at all. He explained the segments and then we taken into her show's studio! The place was filled with busy little producers, camera men, lint rollers, light checkers, sound checkers, and important looking people with headsets. It was all very impressive! Everyone was focused on making everything "just perfect."

As the time ticked down to start, I looked around at the audience. Everyone was dressed their best for Martha. The show had emailed out last week that we were going to be on the "HOT" show filled with hot food, guests, and crafts. (What is a hot craft?) So, we were to wear hot colors like red, orange, or pink. People followed directions very well. I felt a bit blinded as I am quite used to living in a sea of black now.

The show began, we clapped and cheered, and the segments began. There was a super hot, French chef making excellent looking shrimp and pasta, a designer named Zac Posen who showed off new pieces and dyed pillow cases with Martha, a gadget guy from the NY Times, and a hot pepper expert. We got to drink hot chocolate, clap, say yummmm, take home a chile pepper cookbook, and meet Martha's dogs after the show. Not Martha herself, but her dogs.

It was a great time! Thanks to my friend, Susan, for getting tickets. We finished off our Martha morning with a decadent brunch of buttermilk pancakes with caramelized bananas and cinnamon butter at Cookshop! We also saw Dean Sheremet aka LeAnne Rimes ex-husband at brunch. Susan has the best eye for the celebs. We did some research and oggled as he walked to the bathroom and back.

Great friends, fabulous weekend, best city! So blessed! Wonder if I'll wake up at 4 AM tomorrow? Doubtful!

friends all dressed up in HOT colors

the greenhouse set

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