Thursday, January 13, 2011

Going Postal

Wow! Has it really been three weeks since Christmas? I can't believe how fast time has flown. I apologize for my absence to the blogging world. The last couple weeks have been dedicated to getting "back to reality." I had a great holiday in Texas, but it was hard to get back to city mode again. As happy as I was to be back, I forget about packed subways, the 5 floor walkup apartment I live in, COLD weather, and the hustle and bustle of it all. It's good to be back though and I have just passed my 6 month anniversary in NYC! I am already scheming a big one year anniversary party for August!
Today I wanted to share with you an amusing observation I have made over the last several months. We begin at the post office. I went to the pleasent post office in Amarillo to mail three giant boxes back to the city full of Christmas goodies and that's when it really hit me-NYC post offices are war zones. They are hostal I tell you. You walk in and feel the negative energy surround you. I go quite frequently to pick up packages, and usually wait for about 15 minutes each time. It's fine, I expect it now, but it's given me some serious observation time in that dungeon. One immediatly notices the mail workers are behind bullet-proof glass. I thought this was awfully strange the first time I saw it. Is it really neccessary? Six months in and I can tell you, yes siree Bob it is!
The usual suspect walks into the office and lets out a big sigh. I am especially fond of the ones that voice their frustration. "Oh, I picked a great time to come to the post office," and "unbelievable", "sh**, is this really the line," and "I don't have time for this." Then they get in line, shift back and forth, and invariably are the customer whose package has been lost, after they've waited in line for 20 minutes. (twenty minutes is essentially an hour to new yorkers)
Once, I even saw the mysterious post office manager come out because the lady in front of me was throwing a fit. She was like, "You are disrespecting me and I've got witnesses." I was the only one behind her, loved getting included in that drama.
It sounds as though I am being dramatic, but I am telling you these are not isolated instances. It's EVERY time I go there. Let it be known that I am prepared to one day see the bullet proof glass be tested.
realization of the long line

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