Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Night of Glamour

On Monday, I saw stars, lights, glitter, and my very first awards show, as a "seat filler." What is a seat filler you ask? I didn't know either until my sweet friend, Susan Boatwright, invited me to be one for the "2010 Glamour Women of the Year Show." Basically, a seat filler is someone whose sole purpose is to sit in celebrities seats and "fill up the house."
I arrived at Carnegie Hall at 5:30 on Monday and was escorted to the "Seat Filler Waiting Room." (apparently, these exist) Susan and I waited for about an hour, had a white rose symbolizing our star status pinned on, and walked down the aisle to fill any available seats. As I strolled down the walk of fame, my eyes darted left and right to catch a glimpse of a star. In front of me was Gail Gibbons, to my right was Donatella Versace, and in front of me was Lisa Leslie, very very tall btw. Heart now racing, still scanning for my most favorite award winner, Julia Roberts. Then suddenly, a girl with a quite intimidating microphone ear piece placed me a seat. I sat, the opening musical act played, and then I was quickly popped out of my seat for someone else to sit. I popped into another seat and this time, I got to stay.....on the SECOND ROW!! I was set for the evening.
The Glamour Awards honor stand out women in politics, music, film, and sports. It was a well rounded, worldly group of women, and I left quite inspired. I knew who some of the winners of the award were because I clearly had stalked the website, but the presenters remained a mystery. SO....without further adieu, here were some of my celebrity sightings:

*Kate Hudson-introduced Fergie
*Fergie plus her hot husband
*Hillary Swank
*Katie Couric-grew up with her in the morning
*Diane Sawyer
*Michael Bloomberg
*Janet Jackson
..........and here are some QUICK pics I caught!

Stanley Tucci, loved him since "Beethoven"


OPRAH!! So stunning in person, you can't help but be star struck. I may have looked something like this :-0

And my favorite, Julia Roberts. She is so lovely and down to earth. Her advice to girls at the end was, "Don't put your hair behind your ears, it just looks better."

It was an unbelievable evening that I was lucky to be a seat filler for. I have never been in such a concentration of celebrities and I have to say, even though some may think it's all just silly, the experience really was quite magical.


  1. Katy-did, you are too cute!! Anna wants to live with you. Talk soon.