Sunday, November 7, 2010

7 Years

Oh Fall! How I have missed you, it's been 7 years. Seven long years since I have experienced you in your true brilliance. Yes, I have carved pumpkins, ate turkey, and bought a light scarf, but it's been too long since I have actually seen the seasons change.
I was lucky to grow up in the Panhandle of Texas where fall actually occurs. You can watch leaves turn and fall, feel a crispness in the air, and smell that fireplace sort of scent. It's glorious, it's everything fall should be.
Although I loved College Station and Dallas, fall is quite elusive in those warm cities. Sure, by the end of October, you're out of the horrible heat of summer, but you don't get those beautiful changing leaves until mid-November. Then the leaves fall in December. I don't mean to be talking down on these spots, but if you've ever truly experienced fall, you know something is missing.
Anyway, I was very excited to experience autumn in New York because I have heard such great things, and I have not been disapointed! So, to bring a bit of fall to my fellow Texans that may have missed out, just a little bit, on this glorious season, I have got your back.
This morning I went on a picture run! Yes, I indeed used my actual camera. It was a sacrifice but I feel it was worth it. Check out some of the images below of Riverside Park and the Hudson River Parkway for a taste of autumn. Gorgeous!

Running path in Riverside Park

pathway on the Hudson- I love running by the water!

heart the green bridge in the back

makes you want to go for a drive


  1. Katie! MA told me that you had a blog, so I have been reading along with you while you explore your grand city. I love that you are doing this. This fall post reminded me of a post I wrote recently, so I thought I would share that with you http://elliottezine.blogspot.com/ (first is a Halloween post w/ pics of MA and I when we were little, then scroll down to see the fall post). I miss fall in New England like you couldn't imagine! Glad you are doing well, and again, keep up the blogging! Enjoying it! -Rebekah

  2. Oh, and start carrying your real camera with you more often! Even if it is detrimental to your rep as a NYer now, you'll want those better pictures later down the road! -RAWE

  3. Thanks Rebekah!! I really appreciate your encouragement! I also LOVE your blog, so cute!! Northeast fall is just heaven and I know you are missing it girl. What wonderful adventures you have had in married life!

    I will take your camera advice to heart. I mean really, it is quite vain of me. :)