Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hurricane Week

Need to grab a cab?
A French restaurant downtown. Patrons were eating sandwiches and drinking wine. How romantic!! 
Playground at the beach?
What a week! I have said that many times over the last seven days. Last Saturday, I was sitting in the new Broadway production of "Annie." This Saturday, thousands of people are sitting in the dark, waiting in gas station lines that are hours long, and picking up the pieces of houses that have been swept away. 

Last Sunday, I was prepping. People were buying water, food, batteries, and it was crazyness. It gave me anxiety just to walk down the street and see all these people lugging 18 packs of water. We awoke Monday to high, gusty winds and rain. It was an eerie sound to listen to the winds. We charged phones, watched the news all day, and I spoke to a multitude of friends throughout the day. (Thank you for all your thoughts & prayers!) We went to our neighbors house for dinner and made s'mores over the gas stove. Every time the lights flickered, we flinched. Whew!! However, throughout the entire storm, we had power! In fact, besides the loss of trains to Manhattan, we have had the easiest time in the storm. Had power, had internet, had friends over every night, and gotten a week off of school. Essentially, I feel like a brat. It's strange that just a few miles away, people have lost so much. 

It has been such an amazing week watching this incredible city prepare, weather, and rebound after the storm. The mayor, governor, and all the city officials have been incredible. Watching the news each day has been amazing. I have been watching quite diligently in order to check for the school closings. :) Please continue to think of and pray for the people that have lost power, are struggling through tough conditions, and those who have lost everything.

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