Monday, July 25, 2011

Sarah & Eric's Wedding

After 26 years of knowing, growing up with, and loving Sarah Halsey, I got to see her get married yesterday. What a beautiful day!

As you may know, I am on my summer whirlwind tour. I last blogged in Lynchburg, VA, and whew, am I glad that segment is over. Two weeks of intensives in that town about killed me, but thankfully I got to spend the last week in Wyoming with my mom’s family. We first stopped in Castle Rock, CO at my Aunt Andee’s house and had a lovely evening. The view from her porch is one of my all time favorites, and it was a real treat to be in some cooler temps. Next, we drove up to Cheyenne, WY for a visit at Aunt Gay’s house. I spent a couple weeks in Cheyenne every summer growing up, so it was fun to visit after a five-year absence. I have lots of wonderful memories of grandparents, cousins, and Frontier Days. Gay’s son, Scott, has two little ones and we spent some fun time with them at the pool! Scott and Christy are amazing parents, I have never seen such a polite three year old. I think her manners are better than most adults.

On Wednesday, we headed up to Wheatland, WY aka Wheaterville, population 3500. My cousin Sarah planned a beautiful backyard wedding for Saturday. So, we spent the rest of the week visiting, setting up, buying ice, and watering plants. The Halsey’s yard was gorgeous! We had a big party on Friday with live music and lots of catching up. The wedding was at 10 am the next morning. My brother Ben officiated the wedding. He is known to be a bit of a family clown and my cousin wanted the person marrying her to be someone she knew and loved. So, Ben, recently ordained at the American Fellowship Church, did the wedding. He’s available for the next year if you need his services for weddings, funerals, or even vow renewals. J He was perfect, except for one little slip. He said, “Sarah and Erica, I now pronounce you husband and wife.” Everyone got a chuckle out of it and it was great! A lovely brunch complete with lots of Prosecco ensued and it was a blast! Sarah & Eric are a great couple and I see nothing but happiness in their future. It’s fun to celebrate a couple like them!

Headed back to Amarillo today and then Dallas next weekend before I head north. Looking forward to getting back to my beloved city. Going to have to change the name of my blog if I stay away too much longer!

Rev. Ben

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