Sunday, October 10, 2010


This week, I have gotten to participate in not one, but two birthdays. The first one was on Friday, October 8th for one Miss Elodie Soret. (Elodie is pronounced like Melody, without the M. So fun to say!) Elodie is my french co-teacher and I couldn't be luckier to get to manage those crazy first graders with her. Elodie is so wise and makes me laugh all the time. She is fabulous! We had professional development on her birthday, so I made her wear a purple crown and eat chocolate pecan pie. It's hard to be the birthday girl. Here she is in all her glory, looking quite royal indeed!

Then on Saturday, I got to be at a birthday party at the Ronald McDonald House in NYC. Timmy, pictured below, was turning one. He was so precious and loving that cake icing. A kid after my own heart!
Once a month, Apostles volunteers to cook dinner for the families there, and I instantly knew I would want to get involved. My mom has served on the Ronald McDonald House board in Amarillo for a number of years, and I got the opportunity to volunteer there in high school. RMH serves families that have children in the hospital for an extended period of time. It's kind of a home away from home where they can live and feel comforted by the community in the house. The NYC house has 84 rooms that are constantly filled. The guy who worked there told us that as soon as someone checks out, someone else checks in. RMH is a great organization, get involved in your area!

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