Friday, April 12, 2013

Bound for Boise

 During the middle of Hurricane Sandy, another little life altering event was happening for Pat and me. He was granted an interview for an environmental engineering company in Boise, Idaho. "Wait, is this for real," I asked? Yes, he replied. I guess with all that hurricane drama, I wasn't sure what was happening.
A month later, I was on a plane to Boise to check out this new town . I was instantly impressed with the friendly people, beautiful landscape, and outdoorsy attitude. I describe Boise as sort of like a small Denver. Active community, mountains and rivers, has everything you need shopping wise, and a good food scene complete with lovely farmer markets. Also, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, and all those Cali towns are just a quick plane ride away. I am excited about visiting the other side of the country!
 I know what you're saying. But Katie, you love NYC. I do, it's true. However, I feel like I have done so much there to enjoy it. There is little left I want to do, i.e. my January bucket list. I am not taking advantage of the city in the ways I did when I first moved there. One can only see so many Broadway shows, eat at new trendy restaurants, and pay for their groceries in this wonderful but muy expensive city. I am excited to move on to a place I can hike, bike, run, float the river, and most importantly, have a weenie dog. I can't wait!
 Pat moved out in late January and I have visited during both of my vacations.God bless the French education system. I have really enjoyed my time there and look forward to moving out officially at the beginning of July. 
 Will there still be a blog you ask? I think so. I think Idaho may have more going for it than just potatoes, and I would love for you to find out with me. Stay tuned!

Boise River

Hiking to the top of Tablerock

Lake Cascade

Lucky Peak Reservoir

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