Monday, February 18, 2013

TODAY Show Dream

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to watch the TODAY show. Matt , Katie, Al, Anne, Natalie, Meredith...I love them all. Each morning I switch on my TV at 7 am, that theme songs play, and my little heart is filled with happiness. It's not just me, it's most of my Mom's side of the family that share this utter devotion to NBC.

So when my boyfriend, Pat, told me that he had a friend that was a producer at the TODAY show, I started to feel that my dream of actually entering studio 1A could come true. (Without having to be involved in some makeover, acting gig, or modeling moment) Well, almost 2 years after we started dating, it finally happened! I got to tour the TODAY show! Ahhhh! This experience is like top of the top of my dreams, next to meeting James Taylor or getting invited to Ina Garten's house for lunch.

So one cold day at the end of January, Pat and I met his famous friend, Roberto, at 30 Rock. I was so nervous. We walked over to studio 1A and into the control room, through the green room, and then through a plainly marked door to the studio. It's teeny tiny in real life and was such a surreal moment for me. I walked in on at interview with Willy Geist, my new favorite! He is precious! It was weird bc they were talking so seemingly quiet to me. Then we watched Hoda & Meredith (subbing for Kathy Lee) set up. I shook Meredith's hand too!! Finally we went upstairs to where the kitchen! is located. Roberto was even kind enough to show us the schedules and how the set up for each show goes. I tried to impress him with my vast array of TODAY show knowledge, and he was so kind to humor me and give us a lovely tour.

It was a magical morning and it makes the TODAY show even more special to me now!

Natalie's news desk

not real...NBC store

Roberto! Our favorite tour guide!

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