Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Subway Sweating

An unfortunate incident occurred this past week. I got on the train at 42nd in my normal afternoon commute and almost croaked. The train was crowded but it was 5 pm, so like any good subway rider, I scooted to the middle. To my right, a kid was eating a hamburger. (Fyi-you're not supposed to eat on the train) So, I pivoted to avoid that smell but in return I ran into a very large person that hadn't showered in a while. I was trapped. I thought I might be able to side step the smell, but no, I was stuck. I began to hold my breath but then I couldn't do that for 30 blocks, so I had to keep quietly gasping for oxygen, which in turn caused the chinese gentleman next to me to keep turning around with looks of concern. It was a looong 30 blocks, to where I quickly hopped off and jumped onto another car!

Beware summer tourists, it's super hot on the subway platforms. Large and small, you've got to shower and invest in a mini fan! I have a pink one and use it with pride, those stranger's looks are just looks of jealousy. I am sure of it!

Happy sweating!

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  1. aww that is just yucky! you should take some febreeze with you and just spray them!